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Before and after my business studies, I worked mainly for the medium-sized enterprises and was among other things active for export-oriented business enterprises.For many years I worked as a business consultant and since 1996 I was certified as freelance-consultant. In the year 2000 I was additionally certified as quality manager. In so doing, I focused primarily on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Over many years I also gained experience in export consulting, business start-up, start-up coaching, and company sales. Since 1990, I gained practical experience as lecturer in business management and administration. For several years I gave lectures to Chinese students of economy who came over to Germany for further training. Additionally, I am proficient in the development of further education and training concepts.

In the KFW consultant list (KfW-Beraterb├Ârse) I am registered under my name-Burghardt Ruffert

Burghardt Ruffert

Burghardt Ruffert


In Iloilo-City in the Philippines-the gateway to other Asian markets-I have a further contact address since 2016.

My presence in the Philippines is advantageous to companies who are interested to expand their international business. They can make use of communicative advantages such as early access to information. Face-to-face communication is often more important than intensive e-mail exchange or printed material. Moreover, the geographical proximity to the location makes it possible to maintain important business contacts for companies that are needed for a well-functioning network.

Consulting Methodology

As business consultant I analyze your internal and external data and support you in the development, revision and adaptation of company concepts

In the course of the project work, further partners and specialists with international focus can be called on as required, such as drawing up contract and foreign tax regulations, intercultural communication or logistical issues.

The Certification Guidelines - Professional Consultant Group - Association of German Economic Scientists and Business Economists (bdvb e.V., D├╝sseldorf Germany), applies.

Line of business sectors

Business consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of trade services, education and crafts.

For reasons of law I do not offer tax or legal advice. If necessary, however, I can go back to my cooperation network and recommend contacts.

Further information:     bdvb yearbook