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Export and import consulting - International sales

As a result of globalization and the eastward expansion of the EU, new competitors have emerged in the domestic markets, which take away market shares of established companies thereby reducing profits. I want to help companies to make use of the opportunities of globalization in the South East Asian area and assist them to develop new export strategies.

Business opportunities in Southeast Asia and the Philippines

Companies wishing to open up new markets in Southeast Asia usually need confidential contacts on the spot if they do not want to send expatriates.

In other countries there are always special features which are not known in the home market. Even if a foreign business partner has been found as a contract partner, it can be an advantage to involve a company consultant in the first phase of the business development. Strategies have to be rethought and aligned to the new market conditions so that the introduction into the new market will be successful.

The Philippines is one of the most populous and dynamic growth regions in Southeast Asia and offer significant sales potential. English is one of the two official languages of the Philippines and is widely used in business and government circles. The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking nation after the United States and the United Kingdom. Therefore, the Philippines should be taken into account when developing new markets.

Make use of me as the first contact and cooperation partner on your side!

My area of activity is Iloilo City, Philippines

Iloilo City is located on the south coast of the island of Panay and belongs to the western part of the island group of the Visayas. One of the larger neighboring islands is Negros Occidental which is around 1 hour away by boat. Negros is located between the islands of Panay and Cebu. The flight time from Iloilo City to Cebu is about 25 min. The international airport in Iloilo City provides several daily flights to Manila (flight time approx. 1 hour) and other major cities in the country.

There are also direct flights to Hong Kong (flight time 2 h 30 min.) and Singapore (flight time 3 h 20 min.) In the near future there will also be a direct flight to Seoul, South Korea (flight time approx. 4 h 30min).

Business markets within the same time zone as Iloilo City (Philippines): - Manila, Cebu, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur - Perth and Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei   - Bangkok, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo (one hour time difference).

With about 424,000 inhabitants, Iloilo City is the largest city in Panay Island. Likewise, the city is the economic center of Panay. In the city, there are currently 7 universities and 13 technical colleges and art colleges. Thus, Iloilo City is also a center for research and training and is suitable for recruitment of employees.

Iloilo City is an important center for trade, medical tourism, real estate, tourism and industry in the western Visayas region. Major industries in the city include the management of port facilities, telecommunications infrastructure and utilities, banking and finance, retail, real estate, tourism and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

The energy supply is ensured by a new coal-fired power station. Furthermore, wind farms in the provinces of Guimaras and Aklan help to stabilize the energy supply in Iloilo. The use of solar energy also plays an increasingly important role in energy production.

Outside the city and in Negros Occidental there are more and more organic farms.

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ASEAN Free Trade Zone

Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand as founders. Other countries that have joined the ASEAN free trade zone are Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. The free trade agreement of the 10 countries with more than 600 million inhabitants causes trade barriers to fall. It will therefore be easier for companies from Europe and Germany to build up and expand their economic activities in the ASEAN growth region. According to a GTAI report, it is assumed that there will be a stronger industrial division of labour between Member States. Thailand and Indonesia have good expansion possibilities for the final assembly process. Component manufacturers, on the other hand, are increasingly expanding in Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are particularly attractive because of the low labor costs for the production of simple automotive parts.

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Consultations and support
I will help small and medium-sized Enterprises to benefit from the opportunities offered by globalization. Therefore I develop together with entrepreneurs new export strategies.


• Market and competition analyses

• Export marketing and preparation of business relations

• Selection of suppliers / global sourcing

• Finance for exports

• Conveyance consultation

• Location optimisation

• Co-worker selection

• Planning and participation of international exhibitions or trade shows

Special Services

• Time and project management

• Support to open a sales office or a subsidiary

• International fair support