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Franchising abroad

Franchising is also a useful business strategy to open up foreign markets however the franchising system has to be adapted to the needs of the market. In Southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines, franchising enjoys great popularity. Likewise, the Philippines are the third-largest English-speaking nation after the United States and Great Britain.

Participation in franchise fairs can successfully launch a business. Franchise fairs are held in several major cities like Manila, Iloilo City and Cebu City. If a European company wants to offer its business model in the Philippines or the other Southeast Asian countries, then much has to be clarified. For example, the concept has to be adapted to market requirements. Business equipment must conform to current standards. It is necessary to clarify which approvals are required and which legal regulations are to be observed. It is also necessary to clarify the form of financing available for the franchise partner's investment. As a consultant, I help companies set up and expand franchising systems in the Asian market, especially the Philippines.

Establishment of franchising systems in Southeast Asia
Consulting services
• Development and adaptation of franchising systems for new target countries
• Conversion of a traditional company into a franchise system
• Maintenance, preparation and analysis of business-relevant data
• Participation in international franchise fairs including preparation, evaluation and post-processing
• Supporting the franchise partners
• Training in English for Asian franchise partners in Iloilo City (For further information see: Educational consultancy "Language Training")

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      Educational consultancy "Language Training"

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