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Strategic planning

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Strategic planning is necessary to plan the adjustment of the enterprise for a longer time. Without careful planning, the enterprise becomes less active. Favorable opportunities and good business environments often remain underutilized hence the enterprise will be especially susceptible to adverse external influence.

Time and again, there is a shift in production processes as well as business processes (Business Process Outsourcing / BPO) worldwide. Companies are thus reacting to business-friendly framework conditions and want to use cost advantages. They also want to participate in the growth of new markets.

Together with my cooperation partners, I am observing Southeast Asian economic growth.

Growth is caused by the increasing investment in infrastructure. The electronics manufacturers, the construction sector, the food and beverage industry as well as the services have a large share of the Philippine economic growth. The further development of tourism offers additional potential for growth. One indication of this is the increasing number of tourists, especially from the Asian world.

A stabilizing factor on the economy is also the result of the high remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFW´s). The amount of money flows into the consumption, support the current building boom and are used for the construction of new business start-ups.

Furthermore, it is to be observed that many foreigners and businessmen, among others from Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA buy newly built condominium units. The development companies such as Ayala Land, Megaworld and Rockwell have a large portion of the investments and they acquire steadily new buyers.

If such favorable conditions are available, it is possible to plan well.

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Even if you do not like to become at once a global player …
Together with my cooperation-partners, I support you to illuminate your business opportunities,
and deliver answers to the following basic questions:

• How is your enterprise positioned in the field of competition?

• What are the reasons for the present position in the market?

• Which future perspectives and planning are there?

Strategic planning aims to:

• Achieve the sustainability of the enterprise.

• Improve the internal communication and motivation.

• Focus on quality, production, customers, etc.

• Increase the return